Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some cool science and education web sites, courtesy of ScienceOnline2010

FieldTripEarth--free data, plus info from real, live research programs going on all over the world.

NESCent--the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center. More (lots more) free data, plus educational materials on cutting-edge evolution research. (I think when the speaker demonstrated this, half the room started drooling at the data that are available...)

EduWeb--a source for online/digital, educational games on science, technology, history, and art.

Dryad--another open access data depository.

PRI's The World Science--weekly science podcasts, news stories, etc.

Scitopia--a peer-reviewed-research search engine. computer games for SCIENCE! to journalists needing funding to cover their stories.

Science for Citizens--find research projects looking for volunteers.

Pandemic II (game)
--play the bad guy. Design germs, infect people, get points!

Science Cheerleaders
--learn basic science facts, find citizen science projects, and take a brain makeover quiz!


Science Cheerleader said...

Thanks for pulling this together.Very useful.

ChemSpiderman said...

The link to Pandemic 2 link is broken...

Kate Porter said...

Pandemic link should be working now. Sorry about that. Thanks for pointing it out!