Friday, June 12, 2009

If the Girl Scouts had badges like these...

I just discovered Science Scouts. I was a Girl Scout for more than 10 years, and earned my share of badges. But none as cool as these!

As far as I can tell, I've earned 13 of them:

The "I've named a child or pet for science" badge (Sandy's real name is Sanidine. She prefers Sandy because it's less pretentious.)
The "Works with acids" badge (Including both HF and aqua regia, plus the standard highly concentrated nastiness.)
The "I've set fire to stuff" (Levels I and II) badge (No self-respecting chemistry major--or Girl Scout!--has NOT earned these two.)
The "Somewhat confused as to what scientific field I belong to" badge (Probably pretty self-explanatory...)
The "Experienced with electrical shock (Level III)" badge (I grabbed an electric fence once. Actually, I think I've had contact with electric fences twice. Comes from growing up in the country...)
The "I know what a tadpole is" badge
The "I've done science with no conceivable practical application" badge (But don't tell the NSF.)
The "Has frozen stuff just to see what happens" (Levels I and III) badge (I haven't had much experience with dry ice.)
The "Arts and crafts" badge (I'm about to start a crocheted DNA molecule...and realized that the one in the sample photo twists the wrong way!)
The "Talking science" badge
The "I blog about science" badge

(h/t Chad Orzel)

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