Monday, May 18, 2009

Canine dimensions

Okay, apparently Sandy isn't as spectacularly cute as I think she is, because no one wanted to look at her long enough to estimate her dimensions.

This makes Sandy sad, but she'll get over it.

But, I did say I would explain the reason for the challenge in a few weeks. Being a woman of my word, I figured I ought to follow through.

All of the people to whom I've sent photos of Sandy who have subsequently met her have remarked on her size. Apparently, people expect her to be quite a bit larger than she actually is. This led my husband and I to wonder how people judge the sizes of objects when they have no reference points. We concluded that Sandy's proportions must be more similar to those of large dogs than to those of small dogs. I was hoping for some independent data to support this hypothesis. Alas, it was not to be.

(end note: Sandy, demonstrating a typical dog attention span, has now recovered from her disappointment.



Sharon said...

haha...I don't know if it's her dimensions (interesting hypothesis, though), but I suspect it is her breed mixture. She has coloring of a lab or golden retriever and the face of...who knows. So people might be latching on to her resemblance to larger breeds. No matter what size she is, she is precious.

McWort said...

I stumbled onto your blog when searching for the definitions of confuse and conflate. I thought it might be a grammar blog. Then I saw that there were posts on dogs. And as I read that post, I saw this: "This led my husband and I to wonder..."
I think there is an old rule, from Latin probably but followed in English, that the subject of an infinitive is in the accusative case...thus "husband and me".